Windows (& their tracks?)

We know windows…

Yes windows – plenty of people do windows. We see many that have been done by professionals – hardly any of them do windows, frames and tracks…They just squeegy all that muck down into the good dollars for the easy work!

Tracks take time, perseverance and elbow grease. No short cuts here!
We don’t do high rise windows but are happy to do any that are reasonably accessible.

We can work on hourly rates or an agreed quote; just talk to us. We are very fussy about how we do windows; It has to be very clean. and yes we get out razor blade, scapers and move any old paint as well.

You will be very pleased with the results – satisfaction guaranteed.


  • Domestic
  • Builders Clean
  • Clean clean clean!
  • Clean tracks are happy tracks.

Products we use
to clean your
windows are:

  • Safe for pets
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Micro fibre cloths
  • Water provided by you
  • Will not Damage Rubber Seals

With this
we recommend:

A Security Screen Detail