Pre – Sale

House Makeover

Because First Impressions Last…


We have extensive experience in the Canberra area working with Local Real Estate and house owners.
Services varied from grout reĀ­paint, paint touch ups, bogging gyprock damage, to yard maintenance and beautification.
If it was beyond our scope we arrange a trusted tradesman for this specific work.

This form of service allowed potential house/unit owner sellers to maximise the potential of the sale of their property without spending huge sums on total renovations.

The outcome for the real estate sale was a property that potentially numerous buyers took interest
in, as opposed to one down-selling the value of the property for a few small visual maintenance
presentations issues.

No over the phone quotes are possible for this type of service. we are happy to come to your property and give you a quote on what we can do for you.

We know this formula works and can show you the awesome results it had for properties in the past.

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