Getting Back the Bond

Bond Clean Sunshine Coast


We guarantee you will be satisfied with results.
With years of experience and a genuine enthusiasm for what we do, relax knowing your
bond clean is in the best of hands.
Sunshine Family Bond Cleaning know Real Estate, the expectations & requirements.
We only use the best products that will get the job done &
won’t damage the property.
Get the best bond clean Sunshine Coast with us!

We are Unique
We are Competitive
We are Professional

However, it is important to understand a few things;

We Cannot Guarantee your bond will be returned!

If it is not returned due to a cleaning issue, we will return and fix it.

Real Estate Agents recommend or require professional cleaners for a reason!


We have found over the years most scuff marks on walls will come out. The one’s that don’t are dents – and some stains just won’t be moved.
On a normal bond clean,  we usually work on a one day schedule
. It does not allow time to fix such dents, as they must be bogged, sanded, painted and blended. If the original paint is not available, it is quite an art to match the paint and very time consuming. If you need those kind of repairs you will need to plan ahead. We recommend this be done prior to your bond clean.
Marks on ceiling are not a service we offer
. Ceiling paint is typically a matt finish and any attempt to scrub, clean or paint touch up invariably end up with more noticeable marks than the original. Best to get a professional painter and do the whole ceiling.


At all stages prior and during the clean we will advise you of potential problem areas of the house or unit. This will ensure we pick up on any undiscussed issues which may affect your bond. It is important to know wether the damage was prior or during your occupation or expected wear and tear.
A good example is a 
chrome / metal strip or doorway step that has become rusted if located close to the beach. We know some things will be affected by weather and climate conditions and cannot be returned to their former condition, and so does  your owner.


The condition of your oven will be discussed in the quotation stage.
The vast majority of oven clean service inclusive in our costing give excellent results.
However if your oven 
is very old or in poorly kept condition we can only clean it, not make it new again!


Complementary sweeping of garage is included.
The garage, like your house, must be empty and all personal items removed
. We are unable to move out items in order to perform your Bond Clean.


We are happy to advise a company to have this done.


Carpet cleaning can also be co-ordinated if you require this.
Just talk to us and let us know what your needs are.

A typical bond clean will include;

  • The Oven
  • Light fixtures
  • Skirting boards
  • Kickbacks & Cupboard doors
  • Windows & tracks
  • Screens
  • Range Hoods & Vents

See our additional

  • Recommend a Pest Sprayer
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Lightbulb replacement
  • Gutter cleaning
  • High pressure exterior cleaning
  • Minor repairs
  • Grout replacement